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Why Buy Third Party Leads…? Build Your Own Brand

Why Would You Do That?

In the recent year of research and surveys of the automotive industry especially in the auto loan, financing, bad credit and subprime industry, our team found a lot of these dealership owners and group principals are spending thousands of dollars each day and each month buying third party leads. We all know there are way too many auto financing or loan dealership and groups around the communities and around the cities. There are so much that it's literally impossible to stand out and increase your market share. To the customers you are just another place that's wants to sell cars to them and gives the customers THE POWER to hop and shop around.

They are not coming to you because you are the expert of the field but just to see if you're nice and have the best discounts around. Are discounts the best thing to do when it comes to brand recognition and growing your business as a business owner? Of course not, because you are in business to generate more cash flow and make a difference in the market. You want to be the business where people think cars, they THINK OF YOU because THEY TRUST YOU.

Why buy third party leads when you can get first party leads using Facebook targeted platforms?

Facebook, one of the social media giants can get you leads in dollars (not hundreds) and having it as your very own FIRST PARTY leads. Do it yourself or partner up with a team of social media specialists that will help you generate your own first party leads will not only INCREASE your auto dealer's brand equity, become a TRUSTED ADVISOR and not having the need to pay hundreds of dollars for just ONE lead...

A lot of the subprime and auto finance department work with or work within a New Car Dealership, so when your brand is well-trusted by customers because you engage with them, share your experience, tips and advice and give them so much value that believe and shop only you, imagine how much traffic and what it will do for your dealership? Immensely.

We understand that running and finding deals for your customers and leads can take time and most principals are busy on a day-to-day basis. Learning the system, advertising, terms and regulations, rules and laws, copywriting and understanding that it is a social environment (differs from google), can take a lot of time and time is so precious in business. We understand that and totally respect that for our clients. It is literally their most fundamental and basic needs and requirement from us as a partnering firm to the automotive industry and many other small businesses.

Working with team that efficiently bring you your cost down with an increase in traffic will not only increase your sales month to month but your brand equity, dominate and get the most out of your market space. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you must understand that millions and millions of people socialize and gather around Facebook, Instagram and Twitter every single day and every single hour and you cannot take that for granted. It's literally money on the table for you and for you only but you're choosing not to pick up or I'll pick it up later. Are you lazy or is success your duty as a man or woman, obligation as provider to your family, and your responsibility to grow your business and make a big change to your employees and the people you work with.

At Hyper Growth Agency, get in touch with us just see how much you, as the dealership owner, can get from working with us as your partners. Increase your floor traffic, website traffic, brand equity and recognition and ultimately, what everybody wants, sales. There's no need to buy third party leads if you believe in yourself, the value you provide for your customers and if you really care about what you are doing for the automotive industry because you are not lazy. Get your own first party leads that are targeted your way, not filtered out and get the best out the pool of millions on social media. DO it right for your business.

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