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Tactical Omnipresence™ - The Metric You Need To Have With Current Marketing Tactics

Tactical Omnipresence™ metric, by definition, is a strategic and pivotal method of capturing your customer base, your unique market, through multiple technological mediums in our current generational world. This is established in the context of digital advertising and creating your best digital sales machine.

Now, what does this all mean?…

Before we dive into the concept, let me introduce myself. As the author of this article, I would also like to tell you about the agency behind me. My name is Shin Chung and I am the President & Creatives Director of Hyper Growth Agency™.

Our agency focuses on matching effective tactics and strategies of building a lucrative digital sales machine with simplicity. Beyond the creative department of the agency, I also serve on the board as a director to accomplish business and community duties.

What most people don’t know is that we specialize in a platform that is widely popular (whether you believe that or not, over 1 billion people are registered members from all around the world), yet unheard of when it comes to the power of advertising, changing trends, and building brand equities. What most people don’t know, is what this digital machine can truly do. To a regular person, they can’t simply comprehend the depths of diversity that is within this autonomous apparatus.

The machine is Facebook.

Now, don’t just take it at its face value. It’s not just a place to connect (although that is extremely momentous), not just a place to share photos and not just a place to get an up-to-date notification on the latest political drama. It’s more than that. It’s a whole different ball game on the other side.

Behind the blue-colour-of-trust you see all over the platform hides a powerful concept. A concept that is literally controlling almost every aspect of a person’s life digitally. A person’s movement, likes, dislikes, behaviors can all be tracked, kept and benefited by every entrepreneurial business owners who desires to use it. This concept allows you show your company anywhere you want, reach the relevant and the right customers and clients you want, and convert those to your company that you’ve never dreamed of having. You got it, but it takes work and experience. Facebook is not just a social media channel. Its goal is to be #1 in people’s lives (whether you believe that can be done or not, it will). Thus, what that means is they have their hands and feet everywhere. From websites to websites and channels to channels, it dominates the data space. It has datum that is accessible to marketers like myself to utilize and support our clients with the highest ROI. Facebook is not limited by its platform. It is limited by the limits of this internet space.

"Facebook is not limited by its platform. It is limited by the limits of this internet space." - Shin Chung

One thing I will say for our company and this article is that we serve by ethics. Ethical means of business relationships and ethical means to serve our clients and its customers.

Now, how do you utilize the datum?

You probably are thinking, “Shin, the platform makes it easy for me to advertise, why would I need a marketing partner?”. True, I agree with you. Facebook makes it easy for you to spend money. It’s got little subtle messages that stroke your ego and invites you to spend more money with them. You get results for sure, but you won’t be able to maximize it. Also, it’s not worth your time and hassle. I believe that your time is worth a lot of dough and I respect that. It’s not just what you think, but it’s about what you actually don’t see or realize. True advertising work is understanding how to work with the data, what to set up for the data, what to look for post-data and how to get around creating a proper sales system to comply with the data.

We work with exclusive clients that go beyond the surface of advertising. Clients that desires complete control of their messages, brand equity, customer datum, sales, and market. This is what encourages innovation as they re-engineer their conversion process with precision knowing their true market.

Know this too, you can’t maximize this opportune moment without knowing your sales process digitally and most importantly, your H2H (Human to human) relationships. You need to know what is/are your true USP that has worked? Do you have a consistent growth in your closing ratios? Or, can your landing pages actually convert? You must have this down in order to have your digital sales machine maximized.

If that’s you, you are welcome to apply to be one of our strategic clients taking your business on a journey that yields upward surging results.


Shin Chung is the President & Creatives Director of Hyper Growth Agency. Shin started his marketing career in accomplishing his BBA in Marketing major and partnering up with Santiago in providing marketing service in the automotive industry. Through his networks and experience, he is currently connected and is trusted by multiple companies locally in Canada and internationally from different industries such as Real Estate, Property, Investing, Dental, Education, Digital Agencies, Entrepreneurship, Automotive, and Mixed Martial Arts Schools, covering places reaching from North America all the way to the Oceanian Continents.

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