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Facebook, absolutely one of the strongest tool you’ll ever experience for you (if you are building your own personal brand) and your business. Maybe I’m a little bit more bias towards it because my team and I work with it literally daily for myself organizations and my clients’. In all seriousness though, it is a very powerful tool to connect with people from your community stage to the international stage and grow your business at an HG rate (Hyper Growth). Now, sometimes I get the argument on WeChat being stronger in giving that more of a competitive edge. Truth is, WeChat is absolutely a beast, for sure, hats off to them. Then again, it is a tool you would use if your strategy is to target and work with the Chinese market. WeChat doesn’t really have to worry about competition as many of you know that the Chinese population alone represents 1/7 of the word already and it is made for Chinese users and members. As for every part of the world, for your business, Facebook is what will absolutely take your business to the next level. As I have described in the past articles, the amount of data accessible right at your figure tips is profound and still impresses me every day as I get to learn and work with it from a day to day basis.

So, for this article, here’s what I will share that can give you a perspective or perspectives on what you can actually do with Facebook. Show you where to go and what to do to grow your business on Facebook.

It’s not so simple yet very powerful.

It’s a billion dollar company for a reason, don’t ever forget that!

Facebook actually does its best to provide the best platform for advertisers, marketers and business owners to access. They have a user-friendly version and an advanced version that is more complicated but helps to create the best campaign and being efficient if your ads.

Some of the information that I will be sharing with you, you can definitely find it here.

So, Facebook Adverts. It’s not just some ads but its “Facebook ads”. It is not like billboard ads, it is not like magazine ads, newspaper ads, nor streets ads. It is the most efficient and the most versatile when it comes to digital ads. Some people will compare it to SnapChat ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads (Well, it’s actually Facebook, so not in this list) and native ads. I recognize those other advert placement platforms as powerful, but not as resourceful and multifaceted as Facebook Adverts. Facebook is actually very adaptable to the constantly changing digital flux or in another word, adapting to the changes in the digital environment. On the surface level, Facebook Adverts delivers performance that makes it easy to find the right customers, capture their attention, and get results (ROI) from it.


There’s more to it.

It’s what I called the Adaptive Differentiation.

This is where Facebook comes head to head with another digital powerhouse, Google. Facebook’s adaptive differentiation allows its ads and its services to flow, grow and reach beyond its own platform. It is not limited. It flourishes by stretching and diversifying their methods of day trading attention elsewhere on the net. This is huge for us as marketers and business owners. The opportunity of utilizing such massive amount of data is absolutely crucial and astonishing.

If you haven’t sensed it yet from reading my article…

I am very excited about this!

Well, okay what does it mean?

Simply put, when you create a video ad (which is something Facebook highly prioritizes) campaign along with the power of retargeting (this is another massive subject to take about and teach you it in the future articles for sure), your ads adapt to the situation like so:

  1. It can be Snap Chat ads.

  2. It has Instagram advert placement ability.

  3. It can be native ad (beyond its own FB platform)

  4. It can be an article ad

  5. It can be mobile and desktop

  6. It can be in Instagram Stories

  7. And much, much more…!

Adaptive Differentiation.

Why is this so mind-blowing?

Well, on average, there are over 2 billion people actively using Facebook every month and 500 million users using the Instagram app. When you see and calculate the numbers, one out of every 5 minutes of a person’s life is spent on either Instagram or Facebook. With that, 1/5 of a person’s 5-minute cycle of life is maximized. With its adaptive differentiation trait, Facebook is working to maximize the other 4/5 minutes of a person’s 5-minute day cycles! Complete integration of Facebook and Instagram in a person’s life is huge especially when Facebook and its data research partner companies are studying and observing your every move, you will have a lot of data to work with.

This will help you budget properly by choosing the absolute right audience and ideal target client, get their attention and reap the hard earned results.

Here’s a little disclaimer though, the hard work in all of this is seeing whether or not you actually have a good offer, that you know your client well, you know what actually works and what doesn't in whatever products or services you are selling. Don’t just jump in without knowing anything and start-up. It’s worse than gambling, almost. Know you offer, know your conversion rates and past results before jumping in or hiring an agency to manage your campaigns that scale your campaigns 10x, 50x, 100x or even 500x!

I hope this helps you understand a bit more about Facebook and what it can do for your business.

See you in the next article.

To your success,


Shin Chung is the President & Creatives Director of Hyper Growth Agency. Shin started his marketing career in accomplishing his BBA in Marketing major and partnering up with Santiago in providing marketing service in the automotive industry. Through his networks and experience, he is currently connected and is trusted by multiple companies locally in Canada and internationally from different industries such as Real Estate, Property, Investing, Dental, Education, Digital Agencies, Entrepreneurship, Automotive, and Mixed Martial Arts Schools, covering places reaching from North America all the way to the Oceanian Continents.

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