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This May Just Be Strongest Marketing Tool Ever?

Have a look here at these customer profiles:

• In Canada, there are approximately 40,000 senior citizens between the age 60-64 that like Fox and interested in playing drums.

• In Vancouver alone, there are 25,000 men that are married and love boating.

• There are more than 100,000 single women in Calgary that love alcoholic beverages.

Literally just a decade ago, statistical data like such above would have required you, the business owner to spend a massive load of money to hire a marketing research firm to find out information and data like the ones listed above. It takes lots of time and energy for that firm to initiate and call all citizens across the nation and we all know that that’s never that accurate.

Believe it or not, the ones above, I actually got it straight off from Facebook using their free marketing and creatives tool. This process, because I have done it a long time and have been working on this platforms for years, it took me less than 5 minutes to pull this information straight off the platform. Note though, that this information is based on active users of Facebook and that their accounts are active.

Here's some example behind the scenes:

These are just some of the data, tip of the ice berg.

Yes, there are inactive accounts but Facebook had stated that approximately 71% of all Canadians have an active Facebook accounts, so we don’t have to worry, that is an ocean full of client avatars and JV partners that would solidify your company’s path to growth and strong achievements.

That being said, I must give credit to Mark Zuckerberg and the genius team behind him and Facebook. What he was able to do in the last decade was create a platform from his dorm room that would allow people give freely their personal data and activity information. That’s crazy amazing and such a massive help for companies, small business owners, and many others. This platform is literally a research goldmine firm. At the same time though, they will not just give this information out like the ones above, but you have to list and request them and they will show your ads and posts to them for you. That, to protect the privacy of their users. As a user myself, I respect and appreciate that.

How does Facebook as a research and data collect your movements and data?

I had a chat with a distant cousin of mine while we were on a family vacation during a long weekend at a vacation lake spot in British Columbia, Canada. The weather was so beautiful and the lake was so nice and warm that allowed me to swim freely, wakeboard profoundly and surf nicely. It was a gem.

Basically, the conversation about Facebook’s powerful algorithm and tools started because they know about my agency helping business owners electrify their marketing campaigns. She was just amazed by how powerful the ads can be and how much detail there is when it comes to platform tracking!

So, the story here is this, my distant cousin is a great mom and she has three kids and she ain’t stopping. One day she was searching for products for her babies on Amazon and kudos to the Amazon team, they had the correct pixels and trackers installed behind the correct product listings and activated the retargeting campaign properly, she was tracked. Moments later, when she was checking out and surfing her Newsfeed page, an ad of the same product she was looking at previously came up. Right there, she was able to find it again, made up her mind with ease and paid for it.

Some of you might think, “wow, that is so annoying and I hate getting tracked”, I would say hold on, now I agree with hating on bad marketing where there are ads that serve no purpose. However, when done right and being relevant to your customers, it is very helpful for the company and the customer. It is a win-win situation and that is something that I am always looking to do. I love working with companies that have great products or services that can actually serve people and are relevant to their pains and needs.

There are so much more that you can do. Research it, study it, and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post below!

See you in the next article,


Shin Chung is the President & Creatives Director of Hyper Growth Agency. Shin started his marketing career in accomplishing his BBA in Marketing major and partnering up with Santiago in providing marketing service in the automotive industry. Through his networks and experience, he is currently connected and is trusted by multiple companies locally in Canada and internationally from different industries such as Real Estate, Property, Investing, Dental, Education, Digital Agencies, Entrepreneurship, Automotive, and Mixed Martial Arts Schools, covering places reaching from North America all the way to the Oceanian Continents.

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