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The Sleazy Sinkhole vs. Favour Pull Approach Method

This is an article that is important for everyone to know as Facebook and other digital giants takeover the internet space. You must understand how each of these platforms works and in order to not waste any money on it with marketing and advertising. So, whether you are new to Facebook advertising or have been doing it for a while, this will be applicable to all of you.

I’m going to keep this really simple, before you start advertising or if you are already doing it, great, now remind yourself of this.

This is the “Sleazy Sinkhole”.

As long you get your mind, take away the sleazy sinkhole mistake before starting your marketing campaign on Facebook, you’ll be on the path of digital success and hyper growth.

The sleazy sinkhole is this...

I want to push, push, push….

I don’t care……

I want it now…..

I have no patience……

I just need to tell them all about the features and benefits…..They sure will LOVEEE IT!!!…..

It will save them money…..!

WOO, how about this, they buy it, I’ll give them big %% off!……

And much more…

Remember or do you know when you’re at a party, and you meet a lad, and the whole initiation conversation was him telling you about him, what he does…

Well, he’s a financial investor, and these clients and that client, success this and success that… (Who knows if those are actually real or true…?)

And, this person, let's call him Mr. Smith, doesn’t really care about you. Above that, he tried to pitch you something to buy, but you’re just too nice and humble to just shut him up when all you want to tell him to shut it and push him down to the ground.

There it is. The Sleazy Sinkhole. It’s the hole that prospects, people, potential clients that you failed to recognize and respect, and they get so annoyed that immediately their guards go up and push you down to their mental hole so that they have to see you again. I know it may sound a bit harsh. That’s because I want to you to start off the right foot. If you do it wrong like I have before, you will be pushed down and never get back up. This means loss opportunity and a lost sale.

Now some of you may think you can get away with this on the internet.

Truth is, NO! You can’t. Online and offline both are the same. So the way you want to do sales on Facebook is not getting into the sleazy sinkhole but by using the Favour Pull.

What exactly does that mean?

Now instead of the sleazy salesman type, you are Mr. Johnston. When you strike up a conversation with a new friend David, you ask about his life, hobbies, families, activities, work and he will respectfully ask back questions about you, you can then say what you do, a financial investor.

Now instead of a pitch, you offer, give a favour, teach a little and show that you want to actually help and you care about the other people. When your new friend David is telling you about family or kids and college, you can take that cue and offer to show your friend a cool tip or tips to save more college fund for your kids and leave it at that. Give, value, focus on the relationship.

You are not desperate, you are just there to be of service and give without asking.

Once David got your gift and tip, he will be excited to go home, tell his wife about “man this guy Johnston showed us a way to save more for Steven and Carmela!”.

And then a few days later, David is driving around and he sees your ad on the public transit or billboard offering people free consultation for financial advice on saving more college fund for your kids. David, having you offering to help without cost has more of an incentive and MORE likely to meet up with you or refer someone to you because he likes you and he trusts you.

That is what you want to do and what we do with our clients. Utilizing and capitalizing the Favour Pull Approach.

What does that look like digitally?

  1. Test the market, initiate likes and engagement campaigns with market audience segments and test who are the real ideal client for you.

  2. Ask a question(s) and see what they like to know about your industry. (Supporting above statement)

  3. Run traffic to blogs, free videos, tips, favors gifts…

  4. Capture and Pixelate.

  5. (Retarget) That list of potential clients, offer them lead magnet, more valuable gifts, ebooks, checklist, thirty-day health challenges, real estate boom secrets and etc…

  6. Capture and pixelate

  7. (Retarget) Email and capitalize on the 2-Step Leads System to encourage to book a call, apply, or purchase your product or services.

Your goal:

Cold - warm - hot

Hopefully, this will help you and rethink about your marketing efforts. If you are doing this great! Look for my other tactic specific articles as well.

To your success,

SC Shin Chung is the President & Creatives Director of Hyper Growth Agency. Shin started his marketing career in accomplishing his BBA in Marketing major and partnering up with Santiago in providing marketing service in the automotive industry. Through his networks and experience, he is currently connected and is trusted by multiple companies locally in Canada and internationally from different industries such as Real Estate, Property, Investing, Dental, Education, Digital Agencies, Entrepreneurship, Automotive, and Mixed Martial Arts Schools, covering places reaching from North America all the way to the Oceanian Continents.

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